Hereford Diocesan Synod Motion

21 October 2017

Following the passing of a resolution at the
Diocesan Synod in Hereford, a spokesperson for the Church of
England said: “We are aware of the resolution passed by Hereford
Diocesan Synod calling for the General Synod to debate a motion on
services of prayer and dedication for same-sex couples.

“The diocesan synod’s decision does not
change the teaching or practice of the Church of England, whether
in Hereford or anywhere else in the Church.

“Under the Standing Orders of the General
Synod, the motion will fall to be debated at the Synod at a time to
be decided by its Business Committee.

“Clergy of the Church of England are unable
to marry couples of the same sex and, under the House of Bishops’
Pastoral Statement on Same Sex Marriage, ‘services of blessing’
should not be provided for those who enter into civil partnerships
or same-sex marriages.

“It is recognised, however, that there is
real and profound disagreement in the Church of England over
questions relating to human sexuality and the House of Bishops has
recently embarked on the preparation of a major new teaching
document on marriage and sexuality.

“We are seeking to find ways forward rooted
in scripture and the Christian faith as we have received it and
which values everyone, without exception, not as a ‘problem’ or an ‘issue’, but as a person loved and made in the image of God.”