Resignation of Lorna Ashworth

10 November 2017

In response to the announcement that Lorna Ashworth is to step
down from the Archbishops’ Council and the General Synod, the
Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, said:

“I was very glad when Lorna was elected to serve again on the
Archbishops’ Council.

“Her prayerfulness, magnanimity, and her grasp of all matters in
hand has been a great asset to us all, and I am sad that she has
decided to resign.

“Those who elected her were of the view that she had much to
give to the working of the Council, especially in the area of
Renewal and Reform.

“However, I do not share her doubts that the Church of England
will be part of God’s renewal of the Christian faith in this

“I am convinced that the Church of England remains faithful
to the gospel of Jesus Christ and will move forward rooted in the
Christian faith as we have received it.

“I share Lorna’s passion to make disciples in all nations and
her conviction that God will continue to build his Church in this

“I certainly will miss her in our partnership in the

The archbishops of Canterbury and York are joint presidents
of the Archbishops’ Council and the General Synod.