Capel Church 1700Welcome to the website of St John the Baptist, Capel.  We are part of the Surrey Weald Team of parishes close to the south Surrey border with West Sussex. The other parishes in the team are St Peter’s, Newdigate, and St Mary Magdelene, South Holmwood. Our church offers a variety of worship, both separate and as part of the Weald Team.

We are a small friendly village church in the centre of the village. It was at one time predominantly rural, but now is home to commuters in the home counties and London.

We serve first and foremost God, our father in heaven, but serving God also means offering help and comfort to all around us. Love your neighbour as yourself. We therefore feel we must be at the heart of our community. We extend a welcome to all in the village and those visiting, all people of faith and all who have not had faith for some time.

Monthly Newsletter from Rev. Liz Richardson:

Sunshine and Shadows

Dear all As I write to you the sun continues to shine and I am tempted to believe that summer has arrived. How shocking it is that dark shadows are cast by those who seek to kill and maim innocent adults and children as has happened in Manchester in recent days. We continue to pray for all those who have been affected and bereaved by this atrocity and as you know our church is always open in the daytime for private prayer and reflection. The human spirit though always manages to rise above these dreadful events and as with other tragedies local and nationally communities come together in a way that supports and upholds the victims. I am left though as you probably are, thinking what the point of these mindless acts of violence is when terrorists will never win in the end. In the meantime we are encouraged to keep on doing the things which ground us, and I would encourage you to put your hope and faith in the God who loves this world so much, who mourns with us in our sorrows and rejoices with us in the goodness of so many acts of kindness and generosity… Read More

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