Welcome to the website of the parish of Capel and Ockley.  We are part of the Surrey Weald Team of parishes close to the south Surrey border with West Sussex. The other parishes in the team are St Peter’s, Newdigate, and St Mary Magdelene, South Holmwood. Our church offers a variety of worship, both separate and as part of the Weald Team.

We are a two small friendly village churches joined in one parish. The churches remain rural, but are located in the busy commuter belt south of London.

We serve first and foremost God, our father in heaven, but serving God also means offering help and comfort to all around us. Love your neighbour as yourself. We therefore feel we must be at the heart of our community. We extend a welcome to all in the village and those visiting, all people of faith and all who have not had faith for some time.

Monthly Newsletter from Rev. Liz Richardson:

Online June

Breaking news – the church hasn’t closed down – it’s gone online! Well actually we went online about eight weeks ago! How are you getting on with your online communication I wonder? Fantastic when it works isn’t it and enraging when it doesn’t; that’s what we are finding at home anyway! I hope you have managed to catch one of our online services which are posted on our parish website www.capelandockleychurch.org.uk/services/services-on-line  The real breaking news is though that I am able to now enter our churches by myself with one member of my household if I wish. So the last couple of weeks I have recorded or rather Doug has recorded my contribution to the service inside both St John’s and St Margaret’s. We are hoping that towards the end of this month of June, the buildings will be accessible to you all for spending time in should you wish to. Services in churches will not be happening for a few more weeks I think. Then we will be following guidelines as to how to keep a social distance from one another and so on. It is still very hard to get your head round all of this though isn’t… Read More

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COVID-19 Briefing 28/05

‘When the day of Pentecost came, they were all in one place’ (Acts 2:1). The opening verse of the story of Pentecost is a painful reminder of the place in which we find ourselves. Being together at Pentecost is more than the church celebrating its birthday; it’s a fundamental expression of pneumatology (that’s the doctrine of the Holy Spirit!) which teaches and reminds us that the Holy Spirit is a gift which is given to the whole church community. I take comfort in knowing that the same Spirit who was able to unite people of different languages on the first Pentecost will be able to unite people of different locations this Pentecost. Whilst the Holy Spirit is a gift to the whole church, we can also rejoice in this precious gift of God to each one of us. One of the blessings of lockdown for me has been the gift of a garden. I’ve noticed new life and colour emerge in a way which I never have before. The story of our salvation begins and ends in a garden. And between Eden and Paradise, there are some other significant gardens too. Alas, gardens don’t feature at Pentecost. The colours, however, in mine… Read MoreRead More »

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