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Revd Liz Richardson

Revd Liz Richardson

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Happy New Year

Dear all, Happy New Year! I trust your Christmas celebrations went to plan? As I write this, Christmas has not yet happened and so I am very much trusting that our Christmas services will go well, as planned, and indeed our own family Christmas celebrations. Unexpected things do happen though don’t they and often around Christmas time. It is a very special season, tinged with nostalgia, when everything seems heightened in our hearts and minds as we try to live up to this season of goodwill and bonhomie to all! Not always easy. For some the period between Christmas and New Year will come as a welcome relief from the business of everyday life yet for others it can take on a rather gloomy aspect as the year draws to a close. I don’t know whether it is that the days are short and there is more darkness with the weather generally colder as winter beds itself in. I wonder if it would be different if we lived the other side of the world and it was summer?! As we hear the Christmas story once again we are aware that although the birth of Jesus was the most wonderful sign… Read More

A blessed Christmas

Dear all Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat. If you haven’t got a penny, a ha’penny will do, if you haven’t got a ha’penny, then God bless you! The words of this old Christmas rhyme come to mind as I write this letter to you all. First off, ‘Christmas is coming’ – rather fast now – and we have much to offer everyone in the way of our Christmas services and events this December. There are all the usual favourites and I do hope you will join us in one or more of our services. Please do note that the title ‘midnight communion’ is a bit misleading and that due to your vicar needing some sleep we begin at 11 and that by midnight communion has taken place and we will be ready to wish one another a happy Christmas as we sing Silent Night by candlelight. Of course Father Christmas would rather you were all tucked up in bed early too!! Next, ‘the geese are getting fat’ – I do feel a bit sorry for all poultry at this time of the year but I am afraid my… Read More

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